Mouse Controls (Macro)

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Mouse Controls (Macro)

Postby KaiXer » 26. Nov 2013, 09:58

I realise the Macro doesn't include mouse coordinates or i can't find it .
Would love to be able to position my mouse arrow.
Drag and drop. Double-Click at Certain coordinates.
Right now i'm only able to click/right-click at the given coordinate (which is where my mouse arrow is pointing at)
Wondering if it would be possible to include mouse coordinates in the Macro?

Kai .
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Re: Mouse Controls (Macro)

Postby KaiXer » 26. Nov 2013, 10:10

Btw a mousepad would be useful, but doesn't help in my case since i want to remote-control it without looking at my monitor. So i need to be able to adjust the precise coordinate so i don't click at the wrong stuff.
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Re: Mouse Controls (Macro)

Postby docpariolo » 27. Nov 2013, 09:00

ill second that. have a full grid that acts like a trackpad and below two buttons for the clicks. that would make my day
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Re: Mouse Controls (Macro)

Postby KaiXer » 27. Nov 2013, 16:33

I want to be able to control the mouse coordinates.
Like shifting from (X:25, Y:25) to (X:2500, Y:1500).
Like performing a series of clicks at certain coordinates with delays as in Macro.
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Re: Mouse Controls (Macro)

Postby raccoon » 29. Nov 2013, 16:41

You can expect at least some of that functionality with the Power-Grid SDK release. It will be released very soon.
Be aware though that you might get banned when using cheaty mouse macros in an online game ;-)
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Re: Mouse Controls (Macro)

Postby Argonath » 7. Sep 2014, 02:30

Has this been made available yet?
If so, how do I set this up?
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Re: Mouse Controls (Macro)

Postby rtom » 18. Sep 2014, 11:59

you can download the SDK here
Best regards,
Robert Schulz
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Re: Mouse Controls (Macro)

Postby Parkensis » 8. Jul 2016, 21:47


sorry to disturb but the mouse controls does not contain mousemove and does not exist in the SDK?

Any idea if this is implemented?

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