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Re: alt+tab

Postby rdelavictoria » 17. Apr 2014, 05:35

i think i find the problem. actually the alt key is the one that is not working. i tried to make a grid for phptoshop, where my alt (that is nowhere to be find in the touchable keyboard, unless you activate the full lenght mode) will transform my brush into the eyedropper while holding the alt and clicking any colour, taking that colour. this shortcut os fundamental for me qnd seems that just this guy and me are the only ones with this problem (also i troed the alt tab, and is not working since the Alt is the one not been received :oops:

so i enable the complete layput keyboard, and tried to save my keystroke of the Alt key, and it wrote something like GrAlt, and didnt work.
also I tried to redo the leystroke, by choosimg again the Altkey without result.

what iw hqppening with the alt key!?

funny thing is that I also save the keystroke: alt ctrl shift e, and it does work!

qnd yes, I rechecked if the alt clic, was still the shortcut for the colour eyedropper in psd, it does work.

im using an ipod g4, ios6 (the ios7 is the hell) qnd everything works fine, excepted for thqt particular stroke of alt alone... connected to a surface pro2

thqnks for your answer
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Re: alt+tab

Postby MikinCZ » 22. May 2015, 15:24

I have same problem. Alt-tab does not work.
I tried
SHIFT -> Button Behaviour: "Hold/Repeat"
-> Function: "Shortcut: SHIFT"
A -> Button Behaviour: "Tap"
-> Function: "Shortcut: A"
and this is ok. Simple shortcut: SALT is ok too, but combination with this two buttons do nothing... Im using Windows 8.1 64x and Samsung galaxy S3.

it looks like that problem is in Windows 8.1 as MrTestOne said :/
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