Switch-option for buttons, status led

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Switch-option for buttons, status led

Postby Fahrenheit0812 » 19. Jan 2014, 23:11


It would be great to have a button-option for switches.

For example :

- multiple switch positions (2 - 12)

- one icon possible each for every switch-position (ON / OFF for example at a toggle-switch)

- for simulating toggle-switches, rotary switches and encoders

- an additional feature could be a status led for ON / OFF switches, which turns at every push.

This features would be great for sim racing or flight sims.
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Re: Switch-option for buttons, status led

Postby MrDynamite13 » 26. Jan 2014, 19:48

Im not sure, but there is option to give your button Label: Status-Led Icon, which for me gives Blue dot in top right corner :D

Im also waiting for such switch option, for games like LiveForSpeed (Ignition switch, 3 state switch for transmission types etc.) But I need it so much that I cant wait.

P.S. It could be easily done by giving us option for different icon after each tap.

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