overwrite a value in a minimized program?

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overwrite a value in a minimized program?

Postby Blacky2631 » 10. Feb 2014, 00:03

[If i could press a button in a program which is minimzied, ... but, theres missing the Macro for minimized Programms and games or im to silly to find/understand it ^^...] (and) it would be much better if i could overwrite a value in e.g. the colors in soundbluster...
:DD... Blacky2631
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Re: overwrite a value in a minimized program?

Postby rtom » 11. Feb 2014, 15:10

Ho Blacky,
duo to windows restrictions you can't send macros/shortcuts to windows that are minimized (=not focussed). This is only possible if the program itself allows "global hotkeys" like skype for example to accept a call.
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