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Phone Keyboard/Alot of Crazy Ideas

Postby The_Skills » 14. Sep 2014, 20:06

Hey everyone,
Is there any way you can make it so you can type from the default keyboard used on the phone? There must be a way? and it would be very useful to type from the phone keyboard instead! Also can someone make it so there are buttons more compatible with windows 8 apps and stuff like that. Like show desktop does not work in windows 8 apps and i cant make #+D to work either! And can someone make it so you can adjust the grid size? Not 1x1 or 2x2. I mean make the 1x1 smaller because some people with the note 2 can definitely fit more on there screen compared to like a tiny screen like an s3 or iphone or something? It would be nice to customize that! Another weird crazy idea which probably wont work but just a suggestion is that maybe making a device that goes over the phone that has buttons over the screen and when u click the button it clicks the screen so you can FEEL where the buttons are to make it more competitive like sc2 or something. Because when your looking at the screen you cant feel where the buttons are and you have to look down at your phone to see what button to click. Overall VERY nice program and hope it becomes more known! ill spread the word :D.
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Re: Phone Keyboard/Alot of Crazy Ideas

Postby AntoniaWagner » 5. Feb 2015, 13:34

Hey! You have really nice ideas. As you said phone, I remembered something really cool aubout that. :D ... destation/
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