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Bigger Teamspeak panel

Postby Robinhj » 20. Sep 2014, 22:35

Either the Teamspeak panel needs to be bigger or it needs to only display the people talking. It seems to only show the first five people in your channel and if they are not talking then you wont see who is talking. A better idea than expanding the length of the panel is to just have a panel big enough to show three names but only display the people talking, no matter how far down the list they are.
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Re: Bigger Teamspeak panel

Postby Flav » 31. Jan 2016, 03:35

I totally agree, and I see that this was posted way back in 2014; is ROCCAT still developing this???
Anyway, if the Teamspeak control was at least twice the size or size adjustable it would be awesome.
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Re: Bigger Teamspeak panel

Postby Addihash » 1. Feb 2016, 10:28

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