Custom Grid Size!

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Custom Grid Size!

Postby Falcor » 10. Nov 2013, 08:34

The thing I hate most about new software is that the developer only designs it how THEY would be most comfortable, completely negating that he/she is only 1 person out of 7 billion plus. :?

Devices come in all shapes and sizes, people! Please allow me to set my own grid size. Why should I (or anyone else) be stuck using 4x10 when I have an HD display and a 7" tablet that I would like to use as well? Allow ME to decide how many icons or widgets I can cram into my screen...

Look everyone: it's an iOS-based launcher for my computer! :roll:
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Re: Custom Grid Size!

Postby citro_1 » 25. Nov 2013, 20:46

I'm agreed, that it would be nice having chance (even a bit) to change size/proportions of the grid. Anyways i'm aware that POWER-GRID is on beta. Still it's already a powerfull tool that has great potencial :).
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Re: Custom Grid Size!

Postby MrTestOne » 28. Nov 2013, 15:52

We are working on a more tablet-friendly version of Power-Grid. Unfortunately I can't predict, when it'll be released.
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Re: Custom Grid Size!

Postby duncane » 18. Feb 2014, 14:23

After trying the application on a 7" tab and on a 10" tab, it's clearly necessary, being stuck with a mere 20 buttons on a 10" tab, when you could have about three times the same amount without being too stuffy to be used, really sucks.

As well as being able to detect the device resolution in order to avoid uncessary scroll down. As previously said, device come in various shape/size and even those who have same shape/size, may have various screen resolution, hence grid rendering may not be the same.

Finaly, we should be able to have HD graphics for background images.

Thanks for the application & keep on the good work :)

Edit TL-DR : I totaly do support this setting to be implemented.
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Re: Custom Grid Size!

Postby VerskriklikeFrik » 5. Mar 2014, 10:30

I would also like the option of a landscape layout on my phone. It just seems that in some situations it would be more comfortable.
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Re: Custom Grid Size!

Postby descention » 29. Oct 2015, 16:46

Is this feature still in the works?
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Re: Custom Grid Size!

Postby descention » 29. Oct 2015, 16:59

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Re: Custom Grid Size!

Postby wozhdal » 31. Jan 2016, 02:23

yes it's a very good idea
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Postby chasitycv2 » 10. Sep 2017, 16:59

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