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voice activation

Postby muellertr » 9. Jan 2014, 16:21

Understanding that voice recognition is a bit complicated. Even if we could say the numbers 1 through 10 it would be helpful. Anything that makes us remove a hand from the keyboard or mouse can slow gameplay up in heated moments. I am loving the concept and functionality of this software so far. It's beautiful and works amazingly well. Lots of us already have macro software in our mice and keyboards and we don't have to take our hands off of anything to use them. For games we play a lot, most shortcuts we can remember and it is quicker to use them right from our mouse or keyboard. I do see this being very useful for things like Photoshop with shortcuts that I don't use often and forget. And being able to place a picture on the button helps a ton.

So is there any hope for voice activation. Because right now unless I'm missing something for gaming purposes, this only gives us macros which a lot of us can already do?
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Re: voice activation

Postby MrTestOne » 9. Jan 2014, 17:45

In short: Voice recognition is a nice thing, but since it is difficult to implement (even just digits), it won't be available soon in Power-Grid.

Longer explanation: Note how long it took for companies like Microsoft or other, to create voice recognition software, which works in an acceptable way. If we decide to create or implement something new, we of course want to do it in a good way, but that would take time. For now we invest that time in bugfixing and improving already realized functions. But maybe it's possible to integrate it via the SDK and use another voice recognition software, to work with Power-Grid. But that's just a guess.
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Re: voice activation

Postby raccoon » 10. Jan 2014, 22:59

Interesting idea for a plugin, but the voice would have to be recorded via pc mic and not via phone mic - at least with the current version of Power-Grid.
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Re: voice activation

Postby MrDynamite13 » 26. Jan 2014, 20:21

It's impossible to implement.
On our "slow" phones implementing voice recognition for Google Now ended up being server sided. Simple commands that use Xbox One are actually very CPU needy and these are just some few commands in one language.

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