Viewing all grid buttons is difficult

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Viewing all grid buttons is difficult

Postby muellertr » 10. Jan 2014, 16:43

since the software is in portrait view only for now, which i cant wait for a landscape option, i dont understand something,

so i tired using a premade smite game grid, which has the whole screen covered in buttons (almost all 1x1 in size), and every single button is a timer button. and it takes up the whole screen on my phone or tablet, but in the host software, there are plenty more slots to add additional stuff, so that is what i did, i added some buttons to send some of the in game voice commands, basically just 3 or 4 letter macros that send game chat stuff like (attack right lane) etc...

but since the whole screen is covered with timers, the new buttons i made of course have to be at the bottom. well in order to view them during a game, the only way i know how to scroll up is to place your finger on the screen and flick up, and that is where the problem is, since the whole screen is covered in timers, which activate when touched, i cant seem to flick the screen up to view lower icons without activating one of the timers. why make the grid so big with buttons that arent even visible, if you cant access them? maybe there is a way to do this that i dont know about?
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Re: Viewing all grid buttons is difficult

Postby MrTestOne » 10. Jan 2014, 18:50

Thanks for the feedback. We have to change the button behaviour for timer buttons, then it should work properly. For now you maybe have to leave an empty grid slot for scrolling purposes, when you are using only timer buttons. Non-timer buttons with a different button behaviour setting like "down" shouldn't be affected by that problem.
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