GPU Temp

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Re: GPU Temp

Postby minitt » 30. Dec 2013, 20:20

Full integration with Evga Precision x/MSI Afterburner would be most practical route. Users base for either of these software is huge. Andriod users are already enjoying something similar that works with MSI AB for quite some time. Hwinfo64 is another gr8 system stat software.
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Re: GPU Temp

Postby octyson » 4. Jan 2014, 17:47

I guess this isn't ready yet. Just like everyone, I would need to see.

1. CPU temperature + usage + fan control option
2. GPU temperature + usage + ram usage + fan control option
3. Additional sensors (i.e. water temp etc)

and the Grid Editor is a huge mess.
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Re: GPU Temp

Postby MrDynamite13 » 26. Jan 2014, 19:51

+1 for you guys :)

Re: GPU Temp

Postby Coolinger » 2. Mar 2014, 11:39

Hey, I just made a plugin which reads data from a running open hardware monitor.

could you try it out please?

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Re: GPU Temp

Postby dev893 » 17. Jun 2014, 20:10

Those both would be awesome
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