Remove Control buttons from grid

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Remove Control buttons from grid

Postby DaStim » 27. Feb 2014, 00:19

When i wanted to customize my grid from a imported package to my own likings,
i wanted to remove some buttons i didn't need.
The only way to get rid of it was to edit the button to something else with a diffrent fuction that i could use.
Or by making a new grid and copying all the buttons that i wanted.

I would also wanted to change the colour of some backgrounds.
The backgroundsetting in the control editor was only adding a layer on the colour.
But not changing the colour itself.

I would like to see a option that you can remove some individually controls and a option in the control editor to edit the background colour.

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Re: Remove Control buttons from grid

Postby Brutus » 19. Aug 2014, 17:11

I found your answer. Click on the button in the grid on your PC and hit delete. I found the answer in another post on this board, but I can' find it now. It works.
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