Dota 2 Spectator Grid

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Dota 2 Spectator Grid

Postby VerskriklikeFrik » 5. Mar 2014, 10:21

I'm thinking of making a Dota 2 grid to use when spectating games. Think of it as a remote control for DotaTV. Would you guys be interested in something like this? What are some of the functions you would like it to have?
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Re: Dota 2 Spectator Grid

Postby silence » 24. May 2014, 23:18

Would be nice especialy wit hthe international closing in.
Maybe volume control for voice and master? So I can turn them caster up when spectating since I turn voice chat off due to all the russians xD

Ofcourse all teh stats shortcuts. xp and gold graphs, buyback status.
Just giving ideas.
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