SC - Star Citizen

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SC - Star Citizen

Postby Xiz » 31. Mar 2014, 21:29

I would like to suggest that you include SC - Star Citizen to the games of Power-Grid.

Link to the forums:

The game isn't out yet but I guess this could be BIG! There is 400k registered users atm.

Thank You!
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Re: SC - Star Citizen

Postby MrTestOne » 1. Apr 2014, 13:08

Uh yeah! Can't wait for the game to be released! We have it on our "awesome game incoming"-list ;)
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Re: SC - Star Citizen

Postby Xiz » 2. Apr 2014, 09:21

I can't wait! P :D
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Re: SC - Star Citizen

Postby Werewolf486 » 3. Apr 2014, 17:07

Mobi Glass on Power-grid! Anyway, yes this needs to be a major part of the SC experience!
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Re: SC - Star Citizen

Postby Namron » 10. Aug 2014, 02:29

This is reason I got this is to use mainly for SC & am playing around trying to design my own grid for certain controls for SC. I'm slowly getting my head around things & so far all the buttons I've incorporated into my grid are doing what I'm asking for launching various items e.t.c. But would really like to be able to incorporate some of the SC games commands from within the game itself. Like being able to put shields up or change the tracking of radar & well..... Just so many other things :mrgreen: ....

Fantastic bit of software chaps & well done, Am enjoying the learning curve & look forward to seeing just how far you can go with this as regards to SC in the not to distant future hopefully :)

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