Android Grid ideas - buttons sounds and grids

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Android Grid ideas - buttons sounds and grids

Postby JonnyRedHed » 12. Jul 2014, 00:07

Button sounds coming from tablet and or host
I notice that the button sounds seem to play from the host software on my desktop PC, and not on my tablet. Is this correct. If yes, then maybe have options to route sound via host PC, or tablet.

Feels better to have the sound come from the tablet I think.

But if your wearing headphones, the option to route via the host machine. And maybe a volume control for button sounds. so in fact a small section on the host and android app to set these things would be good.


Grid - Android - other grids ribbon auto hide option
On the android app, the other grids buttons along the top seems to be pretty big on a 7 inch tablet. How about an option to auto hide after X seconds, and to show again when swiping down from the top. Much the same way you do to access other android features 'top swipe down' could then revel the other grids ribbon for selecting another grid. But then when hidden gives more screen space to the current grid. As it is on my 7inch screen the other grids ribbon takes up a whole row of buttons. having it auto hid, or hide when swiped would free up more space if you allow the grid to either scale so you always see the buttons.

I would certainly expect lots more 5-7 and 9-10 inch tablets to be used with power grid. Supporting the larger screen sizes with a number of new features would be top of my list.
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