Suggestions/ideas for new Grids (Game, Applications, Hardware Controls etc.)


Postby Chuck Johnson » 12. Aug 2014, 22:25

Hi everyone. I am just getting turned on the the world of ROCCAT and have been messing about with some grids for the iRacing Motorsport Simulations software. I have found a lot of good possibilities for grid usage. I have started a list of possible suggestions and also am working of some workable grids to share.

I did a search for iRacing and did not see any past conversations so I figured I would start it up here.

I look forward to getting in more time with the ROCCAT system and mixing it up with the iRacing stuff.
Chuck Johnson
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Re: iRacing

Postby benty » 21. Feb 2015, 07:13

Hi Chuck Johnson,Really appreciate your talent...Best of luck...Sure you get succeeded in iRacing work..Actually i was not aware of this concept..Please share the concept in this forum...I will get benefited..I am waiting for your hopeful reply..Keep in touch with us..Thanks in Advance :D :D
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Re: iRacing

Postby Globespy » 2. Sep 2016, 00:42

Theres actually a really nice grid in landscape mode for iracing.
Unfortunately there's no way to rotate the text, which is a real shame.
However it still works as a very useful alternative to the clumsy keyboard or expensive physical button box hardware.
I'm attaching the link. It has most of the most commonly used buttons configured, it can be made to be a lot more useful by the addition of individual macros to your needs.
I'd happily pay money for a professionally built iRacing grid with high rez graphics ... ation/626/
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