Installing Plugin's Message

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Installing Plugin's Message

Postby Third » 9. Feb 2016, 13:00

About 75% of my new users all post the same thing....

When they install a Plugin, they see the popup message to "Please Close the Launcher". They instinctively click the "X" at the top and then jump on our forums and state that "Power Grid is broken and the Plugin did not install". Fortunately, many of my previous users clue them in on how to close the Launcher.

I was pushing out my latest Plugin and I added instructions into the description, but it dawned on me that it might be helpful if in the next Power Grid release it might be added to the popup itself:

"Please restart the Launcher. Press CTRL+Q to shut down the application. Do NOT simply Press X as that only minimizes the Launcher."

Just a thought,

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Re: Installing Plugin's Message

Postby Addihash » 10. Feb 2016, 10:37

Sounds good, will be noted ;)
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