Hamachi Adress is the Host Adress

Hamachi Adress is the Host Adress

Postby Cyberboy001 » 14. Nov 2013, 23:26

Hey all,
I've a problem with the Roccat Power Grid Launcher. I have Hamachi installed and in Roccat Power Grid the Hamachi Adress is used. When i uninstall Hamachi there is the Adress ;( How i get the normal IP Adress there or can u build in a Change IP Function? Pls help me ! ;) :?: :?:
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Re: Hamachi Adress is the Host Adress

Postby raccoon » 18. Nov 2013, 14:16

Hey Cyberboy001,

when Power-Grid shows you as your Launcher IP it should still work with your PC's real LAN IP. Just try to enter your PC's IP on the client while having both (Client and PC) connected to the same LAN, it should work.

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