Linux client

Linux client

Postby zyrom » 5. Dec 2013, 00:49

Are there any plans on makeing a native linux version ?, this is getting more interesting now that steam has a linux version and is in the process of porting games.
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Re: Linux client

Postby MrTestOne » 5. Dec 2013, 11:40

For now there are no exact plans to port Power-Grid to Linux, but maybe we will consider it to make a native Linux version for Power-Grid.
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Re: Linux client

Postby storma » 21. Jan 2014, 07:18

+1 For this. With the current support we have in regards to the OS drivers, this would be a win.
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Re: Linux client

Postby Marxim » 19. Feb 2014, 23:28

I have made a quick guide to get Power Grid working on Linux, together with a request on a native Linux Client!
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