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GPU stats

Postby DirSInt » 25. Apr 2013, 04:51

I use a few applications to see the temperature/fanspeed/etc for my graphics card. Integration of this information into the system stats is something I expect many users would like to have, especially those who are testing new GPU settings in-game.
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Re: GPU stats

Postby Annex » 23. Feb 2014, 17:33

I just came here to post the same thing. This NEEDS to have GPU Load, GPU VRAM Usage and Temperature. Put all that by default in place where you have HD usage as thats quite a lot less useful.
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Re: GPU stats

Postby johnnyvd » 25. Sep 2014, 13:28

To keep an eye on GPU stats like load, temperature etc. is very valuable during gaming or benchmarking.
What is needed is a connection to Open Hardware monitor, Speedfan, or Rivatuner.

At the moment my Aquatuning Aquasuite is getting info from Open Hardware monitor about GPU temps etc..

Offcourse a connection to Aquasuite would be Bliss, but really niche.. Because not that many people run full water cooling with multiple sensors..
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