Music Streaming integration; Sound sources

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Music Streaming integration; Sound sources

Postby Marshmallo » 16. May 2013, 20:11

I think it would be really comfortable to implement some music streaming clients like Spotify to the media player control! In these days many people use streaming clients instead of the own music library on the PC.
In addition a feature to select the sound source would be really amazing! So if you plugged your headphones and your speakers to your PC, you can choose between them in the Grid.

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Re: Music Streaming integration; Sound sources

Postby Illumi » 16. May 2013, 23:30

Would also like to see a spotify remote or just universal media buttons, there are also a few more people: ... emote#p742 ... emote#p232

It is not really related to streaming, since Power-Grid is only controlling the media player running on a pc so it does not matter if it is windows media player, media monkey, itunes, spotify or something else, especially since all of them (as far as I know) would be able to stream music although spotify is streaming in a different way. All of the common media players could be controlled with media buttons.

The selection of the output could be a nice feature, Power-Grid would have to set one output device as default for this. Maybe also a possibility to select one output as main output and one for communication, with Windows it is possible in the sound options :)
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