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General commands

Postby Lassar » 23. Nov 2013, 16:56

Hi guys i got this app last night and so far its amazing! i MUST leave my PC on at all times so atleast the system stats will let me know whilst im still at work if my PC is running or not + saves me having to get out of bed very early to make sure too :P
little disappointing i cant remove the incoming center as somebody who only uses FB and with fb built into my phone this tab doesnt seem helpful and alot of the future requests seem to be based on social interaction built in..
" Chat clients such as: MSN, Skype, Google Chat, XMPP, IRC.
Application notification updates (i know it sounds a bit counter productive to have app notifications inside an app but the powergrid does go fullscreen...) \ own3d chat support
Download (several applications) status and completion list
Dropbox notifications
Forum updates\pms
Ventrilo and Mumble support
Steam chat support?"

would be nice to make the app itself more customizable and release guides on how to properly improve/edit your own controls/macros.
an app to let your phone screen turn into your main PC screen would be nice too. i seen an app called "remote" that lets you click up n down n stuff but not very ideal for a PC. our phones are already hooked up via ip so why not make a remote access?

i also requested on a previous thread about payment options.. is there no PC/paypal method to which we can purchase extra tabs? as google accounts doesnt accept my card as its maestro..

thanks :D keep up the good work!!
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Re: General commands

Postby MrTestOne » 28. Nov 2013, 16:06

You can easily remove Tabs/Grids, which you don't want to use. Simply select the Tab you want to remove from your Tab bar and then click on the X button.

Payment actually is implemented only via the Google Play Store.
remove tab.PNG
How to remove Tabs
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