A few recommendations

Suggestions/feature requests for the built-in ROCCAT Grids

A few recommendations

Postby Kenin » 14. Apr 2014, 03:55


I've been using powergrid for a while and i think that this things can improve it.

On system stats:
    ->In CPU info, max frequency, it would be nice if it actually shows the frequency, and not the percentage (let's say, 4600MHz instead of 80%).
    ->Put some VGA info (like temps, clocks, load, etc.) below CPU Info.
On network usage:
    ->Support to select the adapter from which the readings are.
On Sound control
    ->Add support for others media players, like Foobar2000 and AIMP2 (I think they both are quite popular to ignore them :P).
In general for readings:
    ->Add the option to choose the refresh interval.

Also, if you don't mind depending on a 3rd party software, you can use HWInfo or MSI Afterburner for the readings.

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Re: A few recommendations

Postby johnnyvd » 25. Sep 2014, 13:34

Second that, especially the last remarks in "general readings".

Read-out of 3rd party software like Rivatuner statistics server (that is what MSI afterburner uses) or Open Hardware monitor (http://openhardwaremonitor.org/ it is even a german developer!) or HWinfo (not open source) would be a very welcome addition..

With this i would be able to ditch my Logitech G19 LCD AND its gaming software and jump to Roccat completely!
G19 just got a teeny weeny LCD display. Rather have my Smartphone in a cradle in front of me!
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