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Hard drive selection

Postby jimmy327 » 13. Jun 2014, 05:06

In the System Stats, it shows me 4 hard drives, but i have no way to select the drives I want to see. I have multiple drives it appears to choose the first 4 in alphabetical order. Problem is, my Z: drive is my default download drive and I'd really like to see that one instead of my first optical drive that doesn't even have a disk in it.

I'd like to either see the ability to add more than 4 drives, or at the least be able to select which 4 I want to view.
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Re: Hard drive selection

Postby rtom » 18. Sep 2014, 12:03

Hey jimmy.

To to so, just open the system stats grid in the power-grid launcher. Select the "editor" tab at the top. Now just select "Save as" in the editor toolbar and save a copy of the system stats grid to your harddisc. The saved grid can be edited (the original grid not). So now you can select the buttons and change the drives to what you want.

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