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Support foobar2000

Postby GEULACH » 23. Nov 2013, 19:30

Please add foobar2000 support on media player controls! much appreciated thanks.
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Re: Support foobar2000

Postby Vixus » 30. Nov 2013, 03:00

Foobar requires you to manually assign hotkeys for everything, since there is no default template for these built into the player.
As per such, it would be a better idea to make your own personal grid; it's not very hard to do if you follow the tutorial videos :)

PM me if you need help; if you set up the hotkeys in your foobar client I'll make you a custom grid to use corresponding with the functions you've set Foobar2K to.
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Re: Support foobar2000

Postby Giammy » 2. Apr 2014, 05:04

Yes, we can add manually shortcut for foobar, but i think GEULACH wanted buttons like for windows media player, like i can push grid-buttons for play/pause music without necessary have the program in front of me.
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Re: Support foobar2000

Postby hej » 26. Dec 2014, 03:44

Vixus you are incorrect, foobar2000 supports standard windows media functions and works out of the box with multiple multimedia keyboards.
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