screen rotation

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screen rotation

Postby zurbo » 13. Feb 2014, 02:28

I think most people want a function to create a grid wich can be rotated... But I think it will be better if any grid could be rotated so ... I want the application to display any grid on two columns with a separation that is defines either by the creator of the grid or automatically between two widget.

sorry for my bad english

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Re: screen rotation

Postby rtom » 25. Feb 2014, 13:23

Hi Zurbo,
thanks for your feedback!
We're working on a solution.
Best regards,
Robert Schulz
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Re: screen rotation

Postby britrb » 24. May 2014, 11:24

Plus 1 for that. My gaming set-up has my phone just under my surround monitors on its side. I could move the phone to another place, but it wouldn't fit the overall Simpit thing I have going here.

Great App, thanks Roccat!
Brian :)
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Re: screen rotation

Postby Zerix » 29. May 2014, 11:27

I'm looking forward too for this feature~
Most of the docking station (for charging battery) are horizontal (e.g. Sony docking station) - so it's a little bit tricky if I want to use the SmartGrid from Roccat because it's in the wrong orientation.

So thanks if something like rotation will be integrated.
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Re: screen rotation

Postby Robert Garcia » 3. Jul 2014, 16:06

Please, implement Screen Rotation.

I use the power grid on two tablets, as you can see in the attached file, and it would be FAR more comfortable if screen rotation were properly in function.

Looking forward for that feature.
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Robert Garcia
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Re: screen rotation

Postby britrb » 7. Jul 2014, 08:10

Elite Dangerous?

Brian :)
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Re: screen rotation

Postby erte » 1. Dec 2014, 15:17

ive found a solution. install from market app, the could change layout mode and lock it in landscape mode. Try "screen rotation" in android market search. Profit
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