After switching tabs, titles disappear

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Re: After switching tabs, titles disappear

Postby Teebor » 30. Dec 2014, 15:09

On my Galaxy Tab when I change tabs the text goes missing from under all the buttons

If I go in to the settings and then clear the app cache the sound control tab appears correctly but if I then change to another tab it loses the text again.

This however does not appear to happen if I run the application on a Galaxy S3 so is it likely to be something to do with with the Android version?
S3 is running 4.3
Tablet is a Tab 3 running 4.4.2
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Re: After switching tabs, titles disappear

Postby Ensi Ferrum » 7. Jan 2015, 19:40

Asus ME181CX has the exactly same Problem.
ROM is 4.4.2.

Now it's 2 of my 4 devices with this bug!!
Ensi Ferrum
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Re: After switching tabs, titles disappear

Postby tongclub62 » 22. May 2015, 06:39

helpful. GJ.
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Re: After switching tabs, titles disappear

Postby n3m37h » 8. Jan 2016, 02:23

Yep, saw this problem within 5 min of using the app
HTC Desire 320 Android 4.4.2 using ART runtime
Seems to affect everything that is on the System Status page
Easily fixed by reconnecting to your PC
Like to randomly crash while connecting to the computer but works after app is launched again
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Re: After switching tabs, titles disappear

Postby Neomycin » 20. Jan 2016, 05:39

I'm having the same problem on my Note 2 running 4.4.2. Does Roccat even update this software anymore? It seems so great but this problem makes it sort of useless to me. Anyone have any luck finding out what is causing this?
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