Any updates / new features ever coming to Power Grid?

Issues, Bugs and Questions regarding the Power-Grid App for Android.

Any updates / new features ever coming to Power Grid?

Postby random1 » 26. Dec 2015, 04:07

Hi, I've been using the power grid app for quite a while now, maybe around a year. Back when I first set it up I was heard there were some updates planned, or possibly a completely new version of the software. Any news on any updates?

The app works okay, but here are a few issues I have with it:
• Android app freezes about 1-3 times a day
• Android app occasionally crashes (about once every 3 or 4 days I'd say)
• Would like to have landscape mode be an option
• Would like to be able to display cpu and GPU temps
• Would like to have a bandwidth used widget that counts data transferred per day / week etc
• Would like to have a CPU load over time graph (like the net usage graph)
• Would like to have a screensaver option of some sort to move something around on the screen every now and then. Luckily I use an old/cheap phone, but it has burned in the GUI of power grid into now :lol:

I checked for an update but realized I am still using the latest version, which I installed like 9 months ago. If there aren't any updates planned, is there any other similar software I could look into that displays similar PC system info on a smartphone?
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Re: Any updates / new features ever coming to Power Grid?

Postby Addihash » 28. Dec 2015, 11:29

I cannot say when there will be updates, but I can assure you we are still working on Power-Grid.

And we also have a lot of the things you mentioned in mind ;)
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Re: Any updates / new features ever coming to Power Grid?

Postby FiniteMatter » 28. Dec 2015, 20:31

Hihghly doubtful, this was just an app they threw together for a quick cash grab. They dont support it, it doesnt work as intended, and I couldnt have worse to say about this program. Find alternatives, they work better.
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