Spambots, development and status

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Spambots, development and status

Postby Daxion » 4. Oct 2016, 03:37

Did development completely cease on this? These forums are littered with a bunch of spambots and it looks like admins are not cleaning up. Has this project ended or will there be future releases? As someone who was duped into purchasing additional tab slots I would like some clarification as to the status of power-grid's future.

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Re: Spambots, development and status

Postby Addihash » 4. Oct 2016, 09:49

I can onlz tell you that we are working on Power-Grid and that there will be updates, however that will take time because we want to get it right and work on most of the features users have requested.

And for the spambots I can only say that they are annoying and I am trying to do something against them (next to deleting them)
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