Button pushes trigger TTS(text to speech) to 'Say' something

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Button pushes trigger TTS(text to speech) to 'Say' something

Postby JonnyRedHed » 12. Jul 2014, 18:52

I wonder if those button presses could trigger TTS text to speech like voice attack.

With a 'say:' command. To repeat back the command, or what ever you want to type into the 'say' UI text field. Just like voice attack does.

With options on button press and release, double press etc. Could power grid hook into the OS (windows 7 and 8 ) mainly here, and allow you to type in something for the OS default TTS to say.

Voice attack would be an example if you need to look into a UI for 'say'. Same as play a sound file, but just using the OS default text to speech.

TTS played via OS or Android TTS

Also, an option to either use the OS default text to speech voice/engine, or trigger the Android tablets TTS voice. I realise some features wouldn't be available on IOS. But certainly would on android tablets and phones. I have various TTS voices on both windows 7 and my android tablet. So a way to trigger either would be good.

TTS is the way to go, if you have access to TTS voices with android and windows. Might be limiting to some non English speakers in the wrong country with the wrong OS type and TTS languages available.

Basically the same argument I've seen on the SC forums from some who cannot get VA to work because of the wrong OS version and or language.

I think it would be a good idea, and would give us complete TTS 'ships AI' responses from voice and touch screen controls.

I think this would be a great feature.

can this be done?

PS. I would be happy to assist if needed.
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Re: Button pushes trigger TTS(text to speech) to 'Say' somet

Postby Morwo » 3. May 2017, 17:15

i also like to know if there is a macro string to call for windows tts to read its macros text string of a powergrid button macro. examples apprichiated. i don't want to have my smartphones tts speak it out since i got headphones on while i play
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