Trouble creating movement macro

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Trouble creating movement macro

Postby Firestarter » 5. Feb 2016, 00:11

I'm trying to create a Power Grid for Dungeons and Dragon Online. The actions that I thought might be problematic, like attack, were no problem but I can't get fluid, reliable movement.

I'm using an Android 7" tablet. The original Nexus.

Movement normally is with the keyboard WASD keys so I thought that would be easy to set up but either the avatar moves incredibly slowly or in a stuttering fashion.

I've set the trigger to Hold/Repeat.

Any suggestions on what the macro ought to be?

I've tried:
d w;
p w;
d W;100;u W;
d W;100;

That last one works the best but the movement still stutters.
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Re: Trouble creating movement macro

Postby Addihash » 8. Feb 2016, 11:03

Try this:

Make the macro trigger on 'touch down' and make it
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d w; 10000;
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