Reccomended POWERGRID Hardware

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Reccomended POWERGRID Hardware

Postby cyphyr » 9. Apr 2016, 13:27

I know this may sound odd but I have zero interest in tables except as a host for POWERGRID, hence I know next to nothing about them.

I want to run two grids side by side as part of a cockpit for a space sim (Star Citizen) to control ship functions, power distribution, shields etc. I will build a holder to keep them in place nice and firmly.

What tablets would you recommend that don't break the bank?

They don't have to be large, no bigger than 9" should be ok.
They need to be continually powered (I don't want to be worrying about battery life).
They need a USB data/power connection to my PC (I think this is a given, but I guess some people like wifi).
I would prefer a minimal bezel but I realise this is one of the places where the price starts to go up.
I would prefer they are BLACK, (Pink just won't work for me).
I don't want something hat looks like a child's toy (this is a grown up serious toy).

If this has already been discussed then please accept my apologies and direct me to the relevant threads.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Reccomended POWERGRID Hardware

Postby Addihash » 13. Apr 2016, 09:44

You don't need much performance to run Power-Grid, the active user Third recommends some in the thread about his star sitizen grid:
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