4 grids 1 device

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4 grids 1 device

Postby faraslow » 11. Jun 2016, 12:46

I am very new to this so please excuse me if this has been asked or addressed previously.

I was wondering if, being an elite player, I could have 4 separate grids? 1 for left panel one for right panel, coms and radar on one device. This would then replicate what is seen on the screen.

I'm thinking of simply putting 4 grids on the toolbar, but I'm betting there is a simpler way to do it?

I suppose one of the grids could represent both side panels as all you need is up, down, left and right and maybe select.
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Re: 4 grids 1 device

Postby Addihash » 15. Jun 2016, 09:39

The easiest way is to have 4 Grids on the Tab-Bar and switch between them.
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