Visual Studio 2013, QT4/5, DLL project import

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Visual Studio 2013, QT4/5, DLL project import

Postby ceh » 24. Oct 2015, 14:32

Hello all, pardon the confusion in this post, it reflects my state of mind well, though.

I have been trying to set up a build environment in order to write a DLL for a control.

VS2013 + Qt5.1.1 will let me import a .pro file into VS, but won't compile for reasons I've read about in other topics here.
VS2013 + Qt4.8.6 won't let me import a .pro file. Error message: "The default Qt version does not support Visual Studio 2013. In order to import .pro files specify a Qt version >=5.2 as default"
Importing with Qt5 and changing to Qt4 upon import doesn't work - I still get the "old plugin system used" message.
Qt4 doesn't allow selection of modules:

I don't now how things work, If I write using the new plugin system, would it work with Powergrid? What are the differences I should pay attention to?
Can I somehow use the old Qt/system in VS2013 or must I get hold of VS2010?

BTW, running SDK DLL example doesn't seem to work - it keeps echoing 'sent', no results. As if the DLL is not being used for some reason.

Tried with VS2010, build was OK, DLL still not being used. Debugging - no bp's reached. Powergrid launcher does prompt to allow the DLL tho.
Thank you for your time :)
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Re: Visual Studio 2013, QT4/5, DLL project import

Postby Addihash » 26. Oct 2015, 13:18

First of all QT4 unfortunately works only with VS2010 and older, not with VS2013.

I am a little confused why the SDK Sample DLL does not work for you since it should work fine. And at no point it should print "sent"..
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Re: Visual Studio 2013, QT4/5, DLL project import

Postby ceh » 26. Oct 2015, 21:28

Phew.... it's confusing alright.
Turns out that another plugin might have been the source of confusion.
I've been running that plugin for reference along with the SDK example. When I removed the plugin from ED forums, SDK example ran fine.

Sad to hear about the QT4 requirements :( Oh well.... now I'm on to sockets.

As for 'sent', I can only assume that it's something that gets overwritten with an immediate result from the DLL (when it works)
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