fetching control variable

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fetching control variable

Postby MagicMush » 5. Sep 2016, 23:57

When you create a .dll, how do you fetch the variable set in the roccat power-grid option box like the precision in your trackpad?
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Re: fetching control variable

Postby Addihash » 12. Sep 2016, 10:23

In the plugin.json you can create a option for a control, the option for the sensitivity of the trackpad looks like this:
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You can read that option in your .qs file like this:
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var xCtrl=p_xSkin.getControl();         // getting the Control from the skin
var xCfgData=xCtrl.getConfigData();     // getting the ConfigData from the Control
var sens=xCfgData["Sensitivity"];       // getting the Config Value using its name.

And from that the .qs you can pass the variable to the .dll with
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this.CallFunc("PluginName:FunctionName", [sens, param2, ...]);    // passing sens and more params if needed
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