load json-information from an URL

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load json-information from an URL

Postby elnappel » 23. Jan 2015, 12:33

hi again,

just to get some pre-information before i dig into development of grids.
is there a way to load json-data from a web-url and write the information into the grid-elements?
i have no clue in regard to qt nor c++, but i am firm with javascript and json.

thought of a json-web-service that provides information i want to show up in the grid at least
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Re: load json-information from an URL

Postby Addihash » 2. Mar 2015, 12:56

If you know how to load the json-data with javascript you can display the retrieved data with this.FindLayout("my_layout_name").setText(my_json_data);
When using C++ I would recommend libcurl and a json parser of your choice.
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