talk fx losing conection ?

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talk fx losing conection ?

Postby verias » 13. Feb 2014, 22:00

Roccat talk loses conection from time to time.
like just a few min ago light fx worked fine, but after i stopped it and wanted to try it again after a while my talk fx wasn't conected it keeps turning red and blue
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Re: talk fx losing conection ?

Postby raccoon » 18. Feb 2014, 15:52

Hi verias!

Did you use the Ryos TalkFX grid?
On some machines we have had reports that you can set the effect-speed to a speed that slightly exceeds the update rate of the keyboard itself, causing TalkFX to buffer and therefore "lagging". Current work-around is to stop TalkFX and start it again by hand. And going easy on the effect speed :-)

Or does it stop completely?

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