Keyboard interacting with a game.

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Keyboard interacting with a game.

Postby SatoShi » 12. Sep 2014, 18:16


I'm new to this forum, i've recently acquired the Ryos MK Pro and was kinda disapointed when i noticed that the LED interaction with the game was "missing". I mean, the introducing video of the Ryos MK Pro shows examples as turning your keyboard into a mana bar or detecting incoming damages on a FPS game but none of those functionalities are natively included.

So, after few researches, i found Talk FX SDK to program our own events, including a short tutorial on how to use it. At this point, everything is OK, i don't have any real problems about coding functionalities.The tricky part is about the example given in the DOC where you are using an Open Source game named Cube.

My question is, what about a real game where you don't have access to the source code ? Something like Battlefield, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Assassin's Creed etc ?

I guess that the easiest example should be World of Warcraft where addons are allowed and you can interact with the ingame variables. So for example, is there any way to code something like a range detector, using the frequency of the Ripple FX, or turning our keyboard into a real mana bar ?

Now what about games like League of Legends where you could use your keyboard to display your ressource bar but you don't have any access to source code ?

Is there any way to have some informations about where to start or how to interact with non Open Source games ? The only real working thing i've found is that equilizer program which is not really helping ...

Any help could be great !
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Re: Keyboard interacting with a game.

Postby seerymart » 24. Oct 2014, 06:51

In these days, Gaming industry is really booming in the market. Browser games can be run using standard web technologies or browser plug-ins. Many of the people are looking forward for these games.

typing games
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Re: Keyboard interacting with a game.

Postby bjb126 » 11. Nov 2014, 18:29


Also your reply is completely unrelated, seerymart.

I feel extremely let down by this loopholed advertisement about using your keyboard as a Health or Mana bar.
Extremely dissapointed and would definetley not recommend this product to any of my friends.

Sorry for the apparent outburst of anger, but I have been trying to work around this problem since the keyboard came out.
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