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Postby liecap » 25. Jan 2015, 10:31

Is it posible to program sliders ?
For example zooming, or throttle, ...

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Re: sliders?

Postby RugbyGoth » 6. Feb 2015, 15:20

It's a must have for flight sim enthusiasts!
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Re: sliders?

Postby Addihash » 2. Mar 2015, 11:59

If you have some Programming skills you can take a look into the code of the S.K.I.L.L. Plugin found here:
And try to figure out how to repurpose the volume slider.

If three states of the slider are enough you can also take a look into the TrainSimulator Plugin found here:
This one might be easier to implement.

Also we are looking into sliders as downloadable controls, maybe even with a tutorial video.
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Callow Protrude

Postby corads4 » 2. Sep 2017, 15:39

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