Aida64 system this!

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Aida64 system this!

Postby llmavll » 4. Jun 2014, 04:24

I currently use a Logitech G19 and the Aida64 program to display system stats on my G19 LCD. Would love if Power-Grid could do this. (See pictures below)

My Aida64 screen displays the following: (from Top left clockwise)
Network Usage
Screen Resolution
FPS (using a Fraps Plugin) and Monitor Hz
Graphics Usage %
Individual SLI card usage (with graph behind)
Individual SLI card temperature (with graph behind)
Individual SLI card Fan speed % (with graph behind)
Individual SLI card Fan speed RPM (with graph behind)
Motherboard Temp
Memory Usage Graph
Memory Usage Used/Free
Each CPU core temp, and % used.
CPU Temp and Speed.

Would love to see Roccat be able to even display this on the iphone would then sit sideways on the keyboard up against the G19 LCD and replace it completely. PLEASE BUILD THIS.

photo 1.JPG
Closeup of G19 LCD with Aida64
photo 1.JPG (103.7 KiB) Viewed 35662 times
photo 2.JPG
G19 running custom Aida64 screen
photo 2.JPG (125.44 KiB) Viewed 35662 times
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Re: Aida64 system this!

Postby zombi42 » 8. Jul 2014, 00:31

I have same problem , so I try to program a plugin with Aida64.. Ok is not perfect, but it work !

you can see bottom GPU/CPU/MotherBoard temp
and GPU fan
so this is the file!vUQmBR6a!5xwtomyC- ... 2R9mqlOi5I

Ok .. now , how to use it.

1 : Config Aida64
A : Shared memory
Go in File -> Setting (I have French version so I don't know the name in english :D)
and look this picture
(Sry for chinese police , is because I play sometime "Blade and Soul" ^^)
and tick "temp" and "fan" you want (for now .. there are juste only 2, say me if you want other..)

2 : Verification
A : Unzip
YOu have 1 file "ExamplePlugin3.rpgp" and 1 folder "How_To_know_what_put_in_Host"
Go in the folder and execute "MemoirPartag.exe"
if you have something like this
is perfect :D

B : install ExamplePlugin3.rpgp
Double click on file
start Power-grid.
Say "Yes" to use sample2.dll
3 : USE
Go Editor
Go here

1 -> go in Check host
2 -> Write Same Name like in MemoirPartag.exe...

TADA !! It work !
now you can create your grid :D

Sry for my very bad english , I think you can see (with screenshot) I'm french XD
Say me if you have some question ^^
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Re: Aida64 system this!

Postby rtom » 18. Sep 2014, 12:06

Best regards,
Robert Schulz
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Re: Aida64 system this!

Postby novax1 » 6. Nov 2014, 11:11

Hello everyone.
very good application'm trying to figure AIDA64 plugin but it seems that with the new vercion Aida can only display temperatures.? Could show more information ?? :?:

thanks for your work.
this is translated from Spanish aingles
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