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Grid button icons

Postby Isakill » 8. Feb 2015, 05:14

I can't figure it out. This is a WIP on a more useful Elite Dangerous button panel.

As you can see in this snip, The snowflake(Stealth), and the Milkcrate(cargo scoop) do not fill up the entire button, While the other beveled buttons do.

All the images, except the Galaxy Map button (Which is also correct) are 140x140, and the button settings are all identical.

Why are those ones bugging out, while the others work just fine?

I Just figured out a "workaround".

I created a new button by clicking reset, and then loaded the icon image. I still don't get why it wouldn't work correctly from the beginning, even with identical settings from the first original blank button.
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Re: Grid button icons

Postby Addihash » 2. Mar 2015, 12:17

The correct size for a button is 160x160, however this has nothingto do with thar weird bug. Maybe something went wrong while loading the image.
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