Attn: ADDIHASH - Star Citizen 2.4

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Attn: ADDIHASH - Star Citizen 2.4

Postby Third » 24. May 2016, 13:51

Star Citizen's latest major revision (ETA early June) contains a series of command changes that effect most (if not all of the existing Star Citizen Power Grids).

All my current WIPs are on hold while I re-vamp all my existing publications. My testers will being going over my work/changes this week. I may release them in batches (or hopefully one BIG push if all goes well).

I'm trying to make a shift from my original build numeration to one that will match the actual Star Citizen build ID. I was not following this method prior.

Question 1) Is it possible to do a updated submission to the Roccat Store and actually step *down* in version number? (from "Version 4" to 'Version 2.4" ?

Question 2) Do revisions still require Roccat approval after submission (just a heads-up if so, but cause the old Grid designs can cause pretty epic issues during in-game combat and this process will need to take place prior to or as soon as CIG drops the new build to Live Beta).


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Re: Attn: ADDIHASH - Star Citizen 2.4

Postby Third » 25. May 2016, 06:07

Also, is the "edit" button for existing Grids gone missing again?

It's been so long between builds. Either I'm blind or just not seeing it.

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Re: Attn: ADDIHASH - Star Citizen 2.4

Postby Addihash » 25. May 2016, 13:24

Hi Third, nice to hear from you again and thanks for the heads up, I will inform our Support team so that it is prepared ;)

To your questions:
1) For users this is not possible currently, however I asked if it can be implemented. If it will not be imlemented until you need it I can of course change it.

2) Yes thed do, but if the timing is sensitive I am sure we can arrange a date where I can aprove them immediately

3) I can see the edit button right next to the delete button.

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Re: Attn: ADDIHASH - Star Citizen 2.4

Postby Third » 25. May 2016, 19:16

Thanks for a quick reply.

Yes, the keyboard layout for Star Citizen is getting a *major* overhaul. This is going to hork 99% of the SC Grids out there that are not revised.

I'm going thru mine now and having my internal testers go thru things, but these may not be the final revisions from CIG before the next build drops to Public Testing.

ps: thanks, found the "edit". I was looking at the "All Grids from this Author" page and not the "MY Grids and Controls" DOH!!!

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