Can't install host

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Can't install host

Postby narkoman » 1. Jan 2014, 21:39

After download "ROCCAT_Power_Grid_v0458.exe" and try to install I have that message: "Internal error: Failed to get path of 64-bit Program Files directory."
Trying on Windows 7 64-bit - after last update, run as administrator. Any clue?
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Re: Can't install host

Postby MrTestOne » 2. Jan 2014, 14:00

Uh, that's a weird problem. The newest version is 4.5.9, have you tried that already? It's just a guess, but maybe the problem is, that your polish Windows has a non-default path to your 64 bit program data folder. Or maybe you edited there something? Can you check, whether the following paths exist:

- C:\Programy (X86)
- C:\Programy

I'm not 100% sure, whether these are the exact names for the polish Windows version, but i guess that should be correct.
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Re: Can't install host

Postby raccoon » 6. Jan 2014, 15:56

Is this issue resolved? I'm puzzled, Power-Grid is not a 64bit binary and therefore should not care about the 64bit folder at all... are you sure the error is actually caused by Power-Grid?

And just some clarification here:
The paths are always:
"C:\Program Files"
and "C:\Program Files (x86)" in any version of windows.
The localized "Programy" (or "Programme" in German for example) is just a symbolic link.
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