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Incoming Center - Twitter

Postby sick0r » 16. Dec 2013, 20:54

hi everyone,

I just started using Power-Grid and one of the most interesting Features for me is the Incoming Center.
So I wanted to connect Twitter with it. Settings seem to be a-OK, it says that its connected to Twitter, but I don't see anything in the Incoming Center. When I push the Settings button it says "Select the services you'd like to connect with. You can adjust your settings in the ROCCAT Power-Grid Host Configurator."
But there are no Services to select on my Tablet and in the Launcher on my PC I can't find any other Settings either. :(
Also what does the Button with three lines and three dots behind them do? When I push that one, it changes into a X and on the bootom of my Tablet screen appears an eye with an X.
Thx for any help :)

Im using a HTC+Flyer +P510e with Android 3.2.1 with HTC Sense 1.1
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Re: Incoming Center - Twitter

Postby Andi@ROCCAT » 17. Dec 2013, 11:25

Twitter doesn't work at the moment since Twitter made changes to their API and we haven't adjusted Power-Grid for the changes yet.

The button with the three lines and dots behind the lines opens a list where you can choose what should be shown in the incoming center when you have multiple sources active that are shown in the incoming center.
Kind regards,

Andi Wulff
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