Some basic rules

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Some basic rules

Postby Andi@ROCCAT » 3. Apr 2013, 12:07

Hi Guys,

in order to resolve bugs as fast as possible please report bugs as detailed as possible and add screenshots. Pictures and other files can be uploaded while you are writing or editing a post at the bottom of the page via "upload attachment".

Informations that should be included in a bug report:

    - In case the host software crashed, please open the windows explorer and paste this path into the adress bar: "%TEMP%\ROCCAT\Power-Grid\crashlog.txt" Please include the .txt file in your bug report.

    - If it is possible to make a screenshot of the bug, please always include a screenshot of the bug to the bug report.
    - Is the bug reproducable? yes / no

    - If it is reproducable, please include a step by step description to reproduce the bug

    - If it is a control / grid bug please include the information if it is a custom or preset grid

    - In case it is an app bug, please include the iOS / Android Version you are using.
Kind regards,

Andi Wulff
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